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CoCliCo project

TERRENEUVE office was selected with the CoCliCo project following a call for projects launched by the French Fund for the Global Environment, represented by AFD, with a view to developing passive cooling systems in Senegal associated with bioclimatic earth architecture and the use of revegetation.

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Cité Agro-Ecologie, Coconi Mayotte

Terreneuve has been selected for the Coconi Agro-ecology City competition in Mayotte. A meeting place for public and private actors in the agricultural and environmental fields, it will house work, research and training spaces and aims to enhance Mayotte's influence in the field of agro-ecology.

Chantier de l'ENSM à Saint Malo

Avancement du chantier de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime de Saint-Malo. La structure bois est presque achevée; le chantier de l'enveloppe démarre.

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City Of the Accordion and heritages, Tulle

Despite many issues, the works progress at the City of the Accordion and Heritages in Tulle. The structural work and the extensions are almost completed while the scenography site is about to start. Delivery is scheduled for spring 2023. in Tulle are going on.

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L'Air du Temps, Nicolas Koch

Projet 1% artistique pour le Bâtiment Universitaire Santé rue Bias à Nantes

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COP26_Présentation Jean Mermoz highschool

The example of Jean Mermoz high school was presented by AFD and ADEME at the COP26 in Glasgow on November 11, 2021 as part of the conference on urban cooling.

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