University Health Building, Nantes

The last piece of an urban puzzle, the University Health Building plays a catalyst role for the "Center Loire" campus. The consequent height of the surrounding buildings determines the compact volumetry of the project. By pursuing the urban alignments, by widening the angles, and limiting its height, it designs both a generous public square and a vast interior garden, sized for all the students of the campus.

The sober, calm and homogeneous expression of the brick facades is accompanied by a careful treatment of the openings, declined according to their orientation.
A healthy construction for a building dedicated to health: above a two-storey base in concrete structure, necessary to optimize the large spans of classrooms and amphitheatres, the building is developed in a wooden frame, including floors - mixed - and load-bearing facades.

New construction for PACES medecine students and the administrative services of the University of Nantes

Nantes Métropole / Université de Nantes

Rue Bias, Nantes France

Design team
TERRENEUVE architects, representative; Egis, Engineers all trades + économics; Altia, acoustics; Phytolab, landscape designers

Surfaces and construction cost
3 912m² SP/ 9,05 M€ HT

Competition 2017, Delivery 2021

Design and supervision + EXE -partial- + BIM