Restructuring of the National Archives Reception and Research Center (CARAN), Paris

This project involved redesigning the interior spaces of the CARAN (the National Archives visitor Reception and Documentation centre, completed by S. Fiszer in 88) in order to improve the reception area, introduce a more comfortable reading area and facilitate working conditions for staff. This was a sensitive operation, including asbestos removal and bringing the building up to standards. The interior space was entirely redesigned, involving heavy demolition work and the creation of unique furnishings in stainless steel and oak. The screen printed glass partitions, which are freestanding or suspended from the ceiling, are the product of a collaborative type design project with graphist Margaret Gray.

redesigning, asbestos removal and refurbishment of the National Archives in Paris

Ministère de la Culture, Service National des Travaux / Direction des Archives Nationales

Paris 04, France

Design team
TERRENEUVE architects, representative
C. Ripeau, économics; ADC, structural engineers; Inex, MEP engineers; CPS, electrical engineering; DJ AMO, asbestos removal

Surfaces and construction cost
restructuring of 4 818 m² / 3,3 M€ HT

Delivered 2005

Mission de maîtrise d’œuvre de base + EXE partielle

Photos ©Daniel Rousselot