Jean Mermoz French Highschool, Dakar

The program includes new construction on what were formerly the sports grounds of an existing school complex. It houses the preschool, elementary, middle and high schools for a total of 2,500 students. As the client had a limited budget for the project, 15,7 M€ of works for 17,000 m², and 40,000 m² of grounds works, they sought an architectural approach using construction economics and policies based on sustainable development principles.

This project shows a radically contemporary architectural approach, and is innovative in its use of passive thermal control. It uses the savoir-faire of local businesses, with great savings on technical resources, limiting the import of manufactured products.
Placing the buildings in closely aligned strips, with the spaces between forming interior islands with trees and shade, optimizes natural cross-ventilation. The type of construction used for each portion incorporates several passive solutions for cooling and protection from the sun - exterior covered walkways, ventilated cavity walls, awnings, and roofing with high thermal inertia. These systems combine to provide comfortable temperatures for most of the school year, and reduce air conditioning use to one or two months per year, during the monsoon period.

Laureate of Grand Prix AFEX 2012
Nominated «Aga Khan Award for Architecture» 2013

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preschool, elementary, middle and high school, and sports facilities

A.E.F.E., Paris / French Embassy, Dakar operation supervision

Dakar, Sénégal

Design Team
TERRENEUVE architects, representative
A. Yedid, associate architect; Architecture & Climat, architects, engineers and économics, Dakar; Alto, MEP / Environmental engineering; Satoba, structural engineers; Getrap, économics
M. Mont, colorist artist; A. Claude, landscape designer; Ayda, acoustics

Surfaces and construction cost
17 000 m² HON / 46 000 m2 extérieur
15,7 M€ HT (10 102 MFCFA)

Delivery 2012 / 2020 (phase3)

Design and supervision

Photos ©Daniel Rousselot ©TERRENEUVE